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Raise [23 Aug 2004|10:07pm]

[ mood | amused ]

*Hi, my name is Mary, and I am new to the cummunity. This is a story that I submitted to my high school's literary magazine. It is a science fiction story, and stars the Fivonii, the canines quadrupeds whom I described in an earlier entry. In this story, the Fivonii are bipedal instead of quadrupedal, and I'm curious to know how people like the change, and if they think it should be made permament.*

She stood on a rise, overlooking the village, contemplating the panorama of tents and corrals that the view provided. The winter sun, already low in the sky behind her, cast her shadow long before her, as if pointing the way to home and shelter. She closed her eyes, and sent a silent prayer of thanks that she had reached this place of possible safety. Smoke from the crash still clung to her skin and clothes, bringing back the memories of those final hours. A dark, threatening patch of red decorated her right side, denoting some grievous injury that burned like cold fire. She arranged her burden more comfortably on her back, checking to make sure that it was properly secured before she started moving. As she walked, slowly surely toward the village, the small bundle tied to her back with what remained of her crash webbing stirred. A wayward just of wind caught a loose flap of fabric and blew it aside, revealing the small, wind-burned face of a sleeping human baby.

The setting winter sun shone weak light down upon a wasteland of snow, ice, and the Fivonii village. A dozen large tents, each constructed of petrified wood, thick leather, and the ribcage of some long dead beast, sat in a semicircle around a shallow fire pit. Around the pit sat about two dozen Fivonii females, all silently skinning the carcass of a large, white-furred grazer, both a beast of burden and source of food and shelter to the tribe. Weighing close to a ton, the massive animal lay stretched out on its side, half buried in snow. T’Lawrna, the oldest of the females, stood suddenly from her position near the grazer’s head and cast her gaze over the vast wilderness beyond the camp. She was large for a female, nearly eight feet of sinew, bone, and fur. Like the rest of her kind, she had four long, triple-jointed arms, six fingered hands, and long articulated hind limbs. At her rising, the other females paused in their work, all respectfully turning their eyes toward the spot that their Mother was watching. All was still, except for a thin plume of snow that blew in the wind several meters distant.

Finally, an upright form came over a snow dune within sight, and began to descend into the village.

“Quindala,” t’Lawrna growled softly without taking her gaze from the approaching being.

“Yes, my Mother?” Quindala Sem, one of the other females present, stood rapidly as she spoke to t’Lawrna.

“Go investigate,” t’Lawrna’s ears flared wide, communicating the same message so that there could be no mistaking what she wanted her to do.
“Yes, my Mother.” Quindala dipped her muzzle in submission, and, without another word, loped off to meet the stranger.

She lifted her head once again to check to see how much farther she had to go. Her breath hissed through her teeth as both another spasm of pain rippled through her side and as she realized that someone was coming toward her from the village. She topped, allowing the large whatever-it-was to make up the distance between them. They stood several feet apart, steadily gazing at each other in silence, blue eyes staring into startling bright orange ones.It looks like a dog, she thought dazedly. That thought brought back memories of her youth on Earth and the huskies that her family had raised. The being raised its hands, all four of them, she realized with a start, and spread them out, as if to show that it had no weapons in its possession.

“Who are you?” she managed to croak, her throat dry.

The being tilted its head to one side, intently watching her face, but remained silent.

With a shaking hand, she pointed at herself and said, “Kathleen O’Brian.”

The being blinked, and, after a moment, copied her gesture and uttered a string of unintelligible noises that reminded her of something between two twigs being rubbed together and the rain pattering softly down during a summer’s storm. It was at that time that the pain from her side, the shock of recent events, and overall exhaustion combined to make the world spin, and then she knew no more.

Confused and often fragmented images bombarded her senses; people running and shouting, the noise of the emergency klaxon, the explosions as the airlocks gave way and vented their atmosphere into space. The sick, gut-wrenching realization that there was not enough time and not enough escape pods to save everyone. Her husband urging her to take their child and get into the one serviceable escape pod that they had found down by the star-drive room. Watching as the ship filled the small view-screen of the pod. Weeping as she watched it disintegrate before her eyes. Enduring the bumpy ride through the planet’s atmosphere. Her child’s wailing. Coming to a rough landing somewhere on the northern most continent. Emerging from the pod in time to watch the wreckage of the ship fall into the atmosphere, an artificial meteor shower. Realizing that, save for her child, she was the only survivor.

“Those are all the memories that I could retrieve,” Quindala apologized, opening her eyes to regard t’Lawrna. Both of them were in the shaman’s tent, crouched over the sickbed of the dying alien female. Sra'Cheel n'Ca, the shaman, stood close by, her painted face carefully watchful yet neutral. T'Lawrina made a negligent gesture with an ear, her attention for the moment focused on the form on the pallet.

"What is she?" She mused aloud, more to herself than to the other two present. "She is not like us; not in size or scent or language or appearance."

"Her memories suggest that her kind came from the stars," Quindala ventured hesitantly.

"How is that possible?" t'Lawrna demanded, turning her full attention to her. "Only the gods themselves can travel between the stars. And that," she gestured contemptuously at the dying female, "does not look like any of the gods as described in the old scripts."

"If I may, Clan-Mother Sem?" SraCheel n'Ca interjected quietly, coming forward slightly.


"Perhaps this is an omen of some kind from the gods."

"What are you suggesting SraCheel?" T'Lawrna became still, watching the shaman with her full attention.

"Perhaps with the coming of this being and her cub, we are supposed to learn or do something. Or perhaps it is an omen of times yet to come."

"Such as?"

"I do not know." Sracheel flared her ears in chagrin and contimued. "I will check the prophecies and the old texts, but I am not sure that I will find anything."

"You are the shaman," t'Lawrna said severely. "The gods are supposed to talk to and through you."

"Yes, my Mother," SraCheel murmured, dippinjg her muzzle in submission and backing away.

"Speaking of which, what did you do with the cub?" t'Lawrna asked, turing to Quindala.

"I gave her to Ventuli," Quindala replied. "She has a litter at the moment and the cub seemed hungry."

At t’Lawrna’s perturbed expression, Quindala bristled slightly and said, “Ventuli is your granddaughter as well as my litter-sister. She can be trusted.”

“As you say,” t’Lawrna said diffidently.

The inarticulate crying out of the alien female interrupted their conversation. With a stream of incomprehensible babble pouring from her mouth, her furless hands clawing the air, and her fever-bright eyes wide, she surged upward, trying in a vain attempt to struggle to her feet. With a barely heard oath, Quindala pushed her down, using her greater strength to keep her pinned. Seeming to realize that the fight was useless, the female calmed, staring up at Quindala as if she were not there.

“She’s near the end,” t’Lawrna stated matter-of-factly. “Her mind is in confusion and is deteriorating rapidly.”

As if to prove her right, the female began to babble again, raised her hands, as if reaching for someone, and then with a final sigh, she was gone. After a moment of silence, during which time Quindala sent a silent prayer that the gods would guide her soul to the afterlife, t’Lawrna stood. She turned to SraCheel, who had now pulled her holy scrolls out of their carrying bags and spread them out on the matting in front of her, and said, “Dispose of the body and then start looking through those texts for anything unusual.”

As she walked toward the tent-flap she paused and without turning around, she said, “And Quindala, I charge you with taking care of this strange cub. Not Ventuli. You.”

“As you say, my Mother,” Quindala agreed quietly. “As you say.”

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[26 Jul 2004|12:28pm]

I'm leaving all communities that appear to be dead and all communities I'm inactive in.

x Han x
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Making an Alien [19 Jun 2004|08:32pm]

[ mood | busy ]

This is an outline of what to think about when making a believable alien according to David Gerrold in his book Worlds of Wonder.

-What is the homeworld like? (This leads to a whole new set of questions!)
-Evolution? What did they evolve from and how?
-How do they reproduce? What are the rituals involved if any? Live birth? Life cycles? Physical and mental growth transformations?
-What do they eat? How do they feed? What is their relationship with their food? (That's an odd statement, I know, but think about a vegetarian species versus a cannibalistic species... or if food has a spiritual level to it)
-Other ecological species partners? What do they prey on and what preys on them?
-How are their bodies shaped based on their environment? (take into account gravity, sunlight, weather, humidity, etc.)
-Technology? How do they use it?
-Religious rituals? Underlying philosophy? Why? How does it serve them? How not?
-Communication? What's special about their language?
-Relationships? Marriage? Families?
-Psychology of species? (aliens aren't human, therefore they don't think like humans)

That's all from the book, but if you have more ideas, do share and add!

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Greetings! [19 Jun 2004|09:08am]

[ mood | content ]

I am a new member to this community, and I just wanted to take this time to say "hi" to you all, the other members of the group. If you don't mind reading further, I have this story idea that came to me while I was sitting in my last period Western Civ class listening to my teacher wax poetic on the Olympics project that we all of us had to do. As she talked, a random idea popped into my head: "What if one day when humanity goes out into space we encounter an alien species that is on par technologically with us? And what if we allow these aliens to participate in our Olympic Games?" I'd like any opinions and ideas that you might have concerning this idea, and any and all comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Rip Tide [12 Mar 2004|04:36pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Wow, no updates in a long while (more'n a month - obviously). I figured I'd put something up on the board even though there's that slight little chance that there's no one looking anyway. So here goes...

I just started writing this yesterday, although the information that I have created surrounding the elves, the half-elves, and the humans of this world is getting to be in depth (I've been musing over this for more than a year now). I finally decided to try and write some of the ideas in my head down and this is where I've ended up. I have a prologue written but at this point I'm not really sure if I really want to use it (and even if I did decide to use it, it needs some major fix ups).

I've been calling the story "Rip Tide" so far.

So I would greatly appreciate some feedback...mostly along the lines of how quickly I managed to put you to sleep. Obviously I haven't written much even though I've spent about 2 hours on it so far...it's been a plod along type process. So...comments, please??

Rip Tide - Chapter One (Incomplete)Collapse )

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Roadside Stands- a poetic journey [31 Jan 2004|09:19pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

The purchase page for Roadside Stands is up! Please consider showing your support for my writing endeavors and purchasing a copy of Roadside Stands. The chapbook is 66 pages, and contains many lovely poems, two short stories, and beautiful photographs that illustrate the road trip that is life. My chapbook is very affordable, and bound to give you many hours of reading pleasure.

Prices start at two dollars, so what are you waiting for? At least check out the page.


Thank you much!


PicturesCollapse )

(Let me know if this isn't allowed and I'll delete it post haste- but you know... starving artist with three kids to support here -every dollar counts)

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Zenadia! [26 Jan 2004|09:22pm]

Yay! I'm finally finished Chapter 10 of my book! (Not that I'm going in order... this is the first chapter I've finished... eheh ^_^). Anyway... this is one of the fluffier chapters... advancing the romantic subplot, as it were. But it's cute. I like it.

Wyn's Romantic Misadventures, Part One ^_^Collapse )
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[24 Jan 2004|06:02pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Another of my series of short AU drabbles. This one develops a bit of the relationship between Tom and Laura. And, if anyone's interested, I've begun storing my fiction on a new webpage: Kat's Writings


Finding a PilotCollapse )

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[20 Jan 2004|07:19pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Another one. Do hope no one minds, but it's just coming and I need somewhere to post it. This one should slide rather comfortably between my previous two.


Red EagleCollapse )

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[16 Jan 2004|12:34am]

[ mood | crazy ]

More of my Star Trek AU. This one takes place about 6 or so months prior to my previous post. Once again, comments and suggestions would be very helpful and very welcomed. And, once again, this has not been edited or beta-ed or anything. Very rough. But it was fun.


A mission and a promotion.Collapse )

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[13 Jan 2004|08:32pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Haven't seen anything posted here in a while ... that being said, I bring you a little something I thought up a while ago and managed to actually write out just this afternoon. Of course, it is rough and written in mostly one sitting. Before I post it, I'll give a little background.

First off, it's a Star Trek: Voyager drabble, and is most assuredly in the alternate universe genre. I have a fan-novel I started years ago in which one of the biggest Mary Sue's I have ever written is at Starfleet Academy with Tom Paris. Since I started that, I've developed her into something that only vaguely resembles a Mary Sue (in other words, I'd like to think I've actually developed her into a realistic character), and I have also used variations of her in a Bravofleet SIM and now on Carol and Avery's USS Tanelorn. All these variations of her share only two things: she's an engineer and her name's Laura Jenkins.

Now that I've kind of introduced her, here's the drabble. Having flashbacked to my Voyager fangirling days over break, I watched a whole bunch of old episodes. My fan-novel, which is called "Changing the Future" and will not be linked to because it's too horrible, was once all planned out and just not written.

The following is set in that universe, which is an AU of the Voyager universe. This takes place during the pilot episode, "Caretaker."


70,000 light years from home and everything will changeCollapse )

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Please don't be too harsh [02 Jan 2004|04:27pm]

the mirror's cracked and still reflecting
white powdered residue around the edges
twelve empty cigarrette packages
and the long forgotten china doll
who looks out through the dust into the frozen abyss

time grabbed hold of that poor womans soul
her lips are chapped and bleeding
wrinkles in her skin like the ripples in the sea
her eyes are wide open and she can't hear a sound
seems as though she's staring at you
but she can't even see

The long forgotten and aged
get left on the street to die
hiding in a cardboard box
it's not like life hasn't already passed you by

And the world will spin away from you
at heart wrenching speed
watch as one by one they fade
crumpled like the paper and the trees when there's no longer a need.
One more person in the fight
Words you stare at but can't comprehend
she's broken and her conscience cold
she hung herself last night.

you know that bird with the broken wing
it takes flight into the night
sets itself free
but look at that wretched thing
let's shoot it down, do it the favour
it's only suffering.

Free fall through the cold dark night
and sleep like you're dreaming
although you might
heart hurting, you're all alone
who's there whats this
I tiny glimmer shown.

crack with it's skull on the sidewalk
outside your bedroom window
what happens when blackbirds fall from the sky
poor lonely widow.
watch the rain fall
like the cold dead bird
spine shivers, presents from the sky
where do animals go when they die?

When the world stops spinning
You're too high, too jolly to care
watch those secluded strangers
see how they stare
not another lost soul
I wonder what his story is
can you tell he had a perfect life?
sorry to hear he threw it all away
fine but now its not, he's long gone
you can't make him stay

alone on a street corner
living the life it is said
its ok because all she wants is money
and if she doesnt get the money
its all worth being dead

rockabye sleep tight little baby
mama's got some heroin
she'll be around to raise you from the padded cell
mama loves you
someday maybe

and the walls are white and fluffy just like your pillow
don't you just weep through the eyes of that who has nothing
hunched over like the weeping willow
or the dead bird's widdow.

The china dolls cracked
with a big red cross
damn posessed toy
her teeth look like mud
have a toothbrush and some floss
but you can't scrub it all away
you can't forget about this someday

the mirrors cracked and still reflecting
china doll's been long dead
every last shard reflects what it sees
and so do you.
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M'r'kei [26 Dec 2003|12:13pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Is anyone alive here still? I hope so! I know many of you have probably been busy, I know I have.

Anyway, I wrote this last night as an idea for a somewhat science fiction story entered my head--though it's still more fantasy, but still! It's pretty good for me. This is the first part, so I am actually attempting to write this one in order. The only thing is now I don't know how to connect it to where I want it to go, but it will get there!

You may read this first however, heh! Constructive criticism is requested and appreciated as always.

Contains Sex and Blood and Death, Be WarnedCollapse )

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SORRY [04 Dec 2003|06:33pm]

I'm so extremely sorry that i haven't written in here in a long time...ALOT has been going on in my life but i'll try to write more often now

here's a few Songs that i've written over the past few weeks that i've been forgetting to put in here.


hours feel like days
when i'm not with you babe
if i can't see you baby
then i'll see you in my dreams
the days keep passing by
since i've seen your face
and now i'm going crazy
by just wonderin if you miss me 2

What if you miss me too?
Would you hold me in me in your arms?
or would you runaway
in fear
that this could be real
don't make the same mistake
i did

will i ever feel this real?
Will you ever understand?
but i can't seem to find answer
it's hidden in your eyes
I know something's there
but i can't find it
without your help
help me find it

i've never gotten my priorities straight
until i met you
i saw through your eyes
instead of mine
and now i can't get enough
of these feelings
i have when i'm with you
i don't want to let it fade away


Maybe i think too much
maybe i love you
maybe i'm crazy
maybe i've seen you too much
why'd i ever have to love you?
why'd you ever make me happy?
I'll never know the answer
to anything i ask
so until then i'll dream



until then ...i'll dream


i look in your eyes
to find the answers to all my problems
but instead i find problems instead of answers
i don't know how to trust you
the things you say seem unreal
i feel unreal when i'm around you
my feelings change all the time
but yours stay the same

if you could just look through my eyes
then maybe i'd understand how you feel
you've blinded me
and now all ican do is think of you
and thats not right i miss myself
i don't want to break away from the happiness
but i have to get rid of the pain

my thoughts seem to go away
when i'm around you
all i can do is concentrate
on you and what your up to
it's alot of work
keeping up with you
you don't feel this way too
there's no point in risking my heart
for a pool of lies
lead by you


maybe one day i'll see
clearly without a busy signal
and i'll read your feelings right
but until then i'm bound to make mistakes
so help me
choose the right way to go
i need your help to save me
and you need me to see
how much your words mean



one day we'll see eye to eye
butfor now all i can do is cry
i'm just waiting for to come
rescue me

My Sweetness

So much pain...
yet i crawl back to your arms
I'm not living anymore through my eyes
you've gave me yours
I've gone off track for awhile now
How do i break away from my sweetness
that causes me pain
when all i want
is to be in your arms

one more day
before i move on
That's been my wish
but how long will wishes stay
before they dissapear
and before i see the truth
but i'm not the only problem
u twisted my mind
taken all my beliefs and made me
see i'm not what people think
I'm you

let go of me
take me away
from my Sweetness
I've got a sweet tooth
how can i let go
without one more kiss
one more moment to stare into your eyes
one more moment to realize I'm the only one
who's in love
alone I go

I told myself not to trust
but u made me give up everything
The one thing i had to myself
you took away
and now all i can do is taste the sweetness
and forget everything i once knew
i want everything to forget but
i can't take away all the hapiness
to sacrifice the pain


don't give up on me
I'm not lost forever
only deluded
in a world
thats not my own
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Ummm... [04 Dec 2003|06:30pm]

So I get these little flashes of... whatever... every now and again. Little seeds of story ^_^ Usually I don't know where I'm going with them, or do anything about them, but they're interesting. This one has a vague sense of direction. Stick it with your own meaning.

This was inspired by Solace. Which, for the record, is a new-age sort of group that creates primarily East Indian music. Beautiful stuff.

Read more...Collapse )
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What multiple personalities can do to you... [04 Nov 2003|10:31am]

[ mood | bored ]

Alright, first off, I need to apologise for not reading and commenting as much as I should. Have been incredibly busy, though I hope that, after I meet my daily quotient (though I'm usually on a roll and just keep writing) for NaNoWriMo and revise my American Lit. paper and complete my Spanish cuaderno, I will have a few extra hours (or just minutes) to go back and do some reading and commenting. Don't quote me on it though :-)

Now, as for this, it needs a bit of an explanation. It's a Harry Potter RPG, really, because it was written for Aparecium. On Halloween a group of Death Eaters stormed Hogwarts in attempts to take it. Because of another RP I did, my Ron was outside just before they got there. Since I play both Ron and Bellatrix, the mod. asked me to write up an encounter between the to of them. And so, I bring you ... the result.

Do hope you all enjoy.


'Go on,' she ordered her companions, giving a stern nod to the castle. 'I’ll take care of the Weasley.'Collapse )

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NaNoWriMo [04 Nov 2003|02:28am]

[ mood | apathetic ]

I was just curious as to how many of you were participating in National Novel Writing Month.

For those of you who don't know what it is, basically in the month of November, you (if you decide to accept the challenge) have until midnight on November 30th to complete a full novel, minimum of 50,000 words. You're supposed to start in November too, so a work 2/3 of the way done doesn't count! There is an actual website about this, I dunno, maybe a real contest, but you can look it up, I'm too lazy right now, ha!

I am participating though. I'm going to try and complete Star Kitty, as that is the one I think I would have the best shot at (and since BtD doesn't count as a novel). I probably won't be posting anymore here however, just thought I'd let you know, ha.

Anyway, I'd like to know how many of you are doing this so we can give eachother support! Yay for love.


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Random story [04 Nov 2003|01:30am]

[ mood | awake ]

This was spawned off of a random community of artists/writers I know from an oekaki board called negamii. They have little exercises every week come to find, and I felt oddly inspired by this one. It was to include the quote "Woe to that land that's governed by a child." from William Shakespeare's Richard III, Act 2. Scene 3, Line 13. Or so it says, ha, I haven't read the play but I know a bit of the history it's based off of.

I haven't written in a while, so...I decided to take a stab at it. You'll recognise some random Before the Dawn characters and the like if you've kept up with tanelorn_bound's posts, which I REALLY hope you have because she's incredible. ^_^

Of Past and PresentCollapse )

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For Strife and Slaughter [04 Nov 2003|12:56am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

This has nothing to do with the parts of the novel that I've previously posted here...in fact it's a totally new start to a novel! I have no prologue as of yet (strange for me...maybe I won't have one this time around)...but who knows. I'm working on this for www.nanowrimo.com so hopefully I actually get into this one more than I did the last one. We'll see, won't we?

For Strife and Slaughter: Part One - (Beginning of) Chapter OneCollapse )

Now, I know I've been very bad at commenting on other people's work so far (which I actually feel very badly about), but I beg you all to rip it apart!

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[29 Oct 2003|12:35pm]

Hi all...not part of my story this time...just a little snippet/short story thingy that I wrote in about ten minutes. *shrugs and smiles* Just a chance of pace. There's more of em at my Greatestjournal,which the link is right here. So anyway--here's my short story.

Read more...Collapse )

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