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Making an Alien

This is an outline of what to think about when making a believable alien according to David Gerrold in his book Worlds of Wonder.

-What is the homeworld like? (This leads to a whole new set of questions!)
-Evolution? What did they evolve from and how?
-How do they reproduce? What are the rituals involved if any? Live birth? Life cycles? Physical and mental growth transformations?
-What do they eat? How do they feed? What is their relationship with their food? (That's an odd statement, I know, but think about a vegetarian species versus a cannibalistic species... or if food has a spiritual level to it)
-Other ecological species partners? What do they prey on and what preys on them?
-How are their bodies shaped based on their environment? (take into account gravity, sunlight, weather, humidity, etc.)
-Technology? How do they use it?
-Religious rituals? Underlying philosophy? Why? How does it serve them? How not?
-Communication? What's special about their language?
-Relationships? Marriage? Families?
-Psychology of species? (aliens aren't human, therefore they don't think like humans)

That's all from the book, but if you have more ideas, do share and add!
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