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Haven't seen anything posted here in a while ... that being said, I bring you a little something I thought up a while ago and managed to actually write out just this afternoon. Of course, it is rough and written in mostly one sitting. Before I post it, I'll give a little background.

First off, it's a Star Trek: Voyager drabble, and is most assuredly in the alternate universe genre. I have a fan-novel I started years ago in which one of the biggest Mary Sue's I have ever written is at Starfleet Academy with Tom Paris. Since I started that, I've developed her into something that only vaguely resembles a Mary Sue (in other words, I'd like to think I've actually developed her into a realistic character), and I have also used variations of her in a Bravofleet SIM and now on Carol and Avery's USS Tanelorn. All these variations of her share only two things: she's an engineer and her name's Laura Jenkins.

Now that I've kind of introduced her, here's the drabble. Having flashbacked to my Voyager fangirling days over break, I watched a whole bunch of old episodes. My fan-novel, which is called "Changing the Future" and will not be linked to because it's too horrible, was once all planned out and just not written.

The following is set in that universe, which is an AU of the Voyager universe. This takes place during the pilot episode, "Caretaker."


I kept my back to the view screen the entire time Chakotay was talking to Captain Janeway. It wasn't that I didn't want to see the captain (because I did), it was that I didn't want her to say anything to me while I was still on the Liberty. I did know her better than that, of course, but a wrong look or a misplaced word could bring a lot more meaning to a conversation. Because of that, I busied myself with general repairs to the weapons and tactics controls and systems that had come about when we had been thrown to the other side of the galaxy. At least that way I wouldn’t have to look at Voyager's bridge and see who I recognized and who I didn't. I wouldn't have to face the captain quite yet. And I wouldn't have to face Chakotay just yet either.

I tried not to think about how he would react when it was revealed I was not, in fact, ever kicked out of Starfleet. I knew I had let myself get too close to these people, to close, especially, to Chakotay. I hadn't just betrayed him as a commanding officer, even though rank was moot in the Maquis setting, but I had betrayed him as a friend, as someone who might even be considered a lover, although, the cause we were fighting for left little time for social lives and relationships. At the very least, B'Elanna was far away from me, so I wouldn't have to face the best friend I'd had in years discovering that, all this time, I had been spying on them and feeding information to the people they were rebelling against. I knew from the start of it that it was going to be a difficult six months; I didn't know exactly how difficult it would turn out to be. Being sent to the other side of the universe with people you were spying on was one thing, because there would then be no more spying. But to have your true commanding officer and ship appear right beside you, becoming the only other connection to home and the job you were supposed to be doing was another. And I didn't feel ready for it.

In fact, it didn't even register that Chakotay was telling Captain Janeway he and two of his crew were beaming over to Voyager or even that he was tossing a phaser at me, pulling me out of my seat and energizing the transporter. I barely has a second to gather my wits before the familiar tingle of the transporter had engulfed me and I could see and feel the Liberty disintegrating around me, soon becoming Voyager's bridge. It took me a moment to regain both my composure and focus, but when I did, I let out a deep breath.

Instinctively, I lowered my phaser, leaving Chakotay and Ayala to their positions facing the Starfleet crew to protect themselves. Vaguely, I heard Janeway order Rollins to put away his own phaser. I broke the formation we had with our backs together and raised my eyes to Captain Janeway. She opened her mouth to speak, but my gaze had drifted to the person standing behind her.

It took all of my willpower to tear my gaze away from Tom and back to the captain. "Lieutenant, welcome aboard," she said, smiling at me and offering her hand. I took it graciously and stepped forward, leaving Chakotay and Ayala behind me.

Before I had a chance to thank her, Chakotay started up behind me. "Laura?!"

It had to happen sooner or later; although I would have much preferred later, of course. Taking a deep breath, I turned around to face my friend, ex-friend after what I was about to confess. "I'm Captain Janeway's chief engineer," I explained, ignoring the gasp of surprise that seemed to come from Tom behind me.

"You're a spy!" Chakotay accused, his voice hard and his eyes suddenly dark and cold. "You were just waiting for an opportunity to deliver us into their waiting hands."

"My assignment was to infiltrate the Maquis and report back to Starfleet at three day intervals. My assignment would have ended with only myself getting caught, by Voyager. Turning you in was not part of the job," I responded, squaring my shoulders and hoping my voice wasn't shaking.

Neither Chakotay nor Ayala seemed to buy it. But as I opened my mouth to protest again, two things happened. First, Captain Janeway put a comforting hand on my arm in an effort to calm me down and second, Chakotay's head jerked sideways to look at Tom. "And you! Jenkins may have been doing her job as a Starfleet officer, but what did you betray us for this time, Paris? What was it, a full pardon, latinum, sex?" I could almost feel Tom tense behind me.

Janeway put an arm out to keep Chakotay from cornering Tom. "You are speaking to a member of my crew," she hissed, "I would expect you to show him the same respect you would expect me to show to a member of yours." Chakotay still looked angry, but he relaxed visibly and drew back, avoiding my gaze and connecting with the captain.

A tense few seconds followed, and then the captain looked back at me, her face softening just a bit. "Get down to engineering and see what you can do. Hopkins didn't survive the tetrion beam that brought us here. I did everything I could, but I'm sure your expertise would be much appreciated." I nodded at her and turned on my heel to hurry up to the nearest turbolift. I did my best to avoid everyone's gazes as I left, though I caught both the betrayed look on Chakotay's face and the torn look on Tom's as I instructed the turbolift to take me down to my warp core.
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