tastemywishes (tastemywishes) wrote in world_of_wonder,

Please don't be too harsh

the mirror's cracked and still reflecting
white powdered residue around the edges
twelve empty cigarrette packages
and the long forgotten china doll
who looks out through the dust into the frozen abyss

time grabbed hold of that poor womans soul
her lips are chapped and bleeding
wrinkles in her skin like the ripples in the sea
her eyes are wide open and she can't hear a sound
seems as though she's staring at you
but she can't even see

The long forgotten and aged
get left on the street to die
hiding in a cardboard box
it's not like life hasn't already passed you by

And the world will spin away from you
at heart wrenching speed
watch as one by one they fade
crumpled like the paper and the trees when there's no longer a need.
One more person in the fight
Words you stare at but can't comprehend
she's broken and her conscience cold
she hung herself last night.

you know that bird with the broken wing
it takes flight into the night
sets itself free
but look at that wretched thing
let's shoot it down, do it the favour
it's only suffering.

Free fall through the cold dark night
and sleep like you're dreaming
although you might
heart hurting, you're all alone
who's there whats this
I tiny glimmer shown.

crack with it's skull on the sidewalk
outside your bedroom window
what happens when blackbirds fall from the sky
poor lonely widow.
watch the rain fall
like the cold dead bird
spine shivers, presents from the sky
where do animals go when they die?

When the world stops spinning
You're too high, too jolly to care
watch those secluded strangers
see how they stare
not another lost soul
I wonder what his story is
can you tell he had a perfect life?
sorry to hear he threw it all away
fine but now its not, he's long gone
you can't make him stay

alone on a street corner
living the life it is said
its ok because all she wants is money
and if she doesnt get the money
its all worth being dead

rockabye sleep tight little baby
mama's got some heroin
she'll be around to raise you from the padded cell
mama loves you
someday maybe

and the walls are white and fluffy just like your pillow
don't you just weep through the eyes of that who has nothing
hunched over like the weeping willow
or the dead bird's widdow.

The china dolls cracked
with a big red cross
damn posessed toy
her teeth look like mud
have a toothbrush and some floss
but you can't scrub it all away
you can't forget about this someday

the mirrors cracked and still reflecting
china doll's been long dead
every last shard reflects what it sees
and so do you.
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