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Brittany the dreamer


I'm so extremely sorry that i haven't written in here in a long time...ALOT has been going on in my life but i'll try to write more often now

here's a few Songs that i've written over the past few weeks that i've been forgetting to put in here.


hours feel like days
when i'm not with you babe
if i can't see you baby
then i'll see you in my dreams
the days keep passing by
since i've seen your face
and now i'm going crazy
by just wonderin if you miss me 2

What if you miss me too?
Would you hold me in me in your arms?
or would you runaway
in fear
that this could be real
don't make the same mistake
i did

will i ever feel this real?
Will you ever understand?
but i can't seem to find answer
it's hidden in your eyes
I know something's there
but i can't find it
without your help
help me find it

i've never gotten my priorities straight
until i met you
i saw through your eyes
instead of mine
and now i can't get enough
of these feelings
i have when i'm with you
i don't want to let it fade away


Maybe i think too much
maybe i love you
maybe i'm crazy
maybe i've seen you too much
why'd i ever have to love you?
why'd you ever make me happy?
I'll never know the answer
to anything i ask
so until then i'll dream



until then ...i'll dream


i look in your eyes
to find the answers to all my problems
but instead i find problems instead of answers
i don't know how to trust you
the things you say seem unreal
i feel unreal when i'm around you
my feelings change all the time
but yours stay the same

if you could just look through my eyes
then maybe i'd understand how you feel
you've blinded me
and now all ican do is think of you
and thats not right i miss myself
i don't want to break away from the happiness
but i have to get rid of the pain

my thoughts seem to go away
when i'm around you
all i can do is concentrate
on you and what your up to
it's alot of work
keeping up with you
you don't feel this way too
there's no point in risking my heart
for a pool of lies
lead by you


maybe one day i'll see
clearly without a busy signal
and i'll read your feelings right
but until then i'm bound to make mistakes
so help me
choose the right way to go
i need your help to save me
and you need me to see
how much your words mean



one day we'll see eye to eye
butfor now all i can do is cry
i'm just waiting for to come
rescue me

My Sweetness

So much pain...
yet i crawl back to your arms
I'm not living anymore through my eyes
you've gave me yours
I've gone off track for awhile now
How do i break away from my sweetness
that causes me pain
when all i want
is to be in your arms

one more day
before i move on
That's been my wish
but how long will wishes stay
before they dissapear
and before i see the truth
but i'm not the only problem
u twisted my mind
taken all my beliefs and made me
see i'm not what people think
I'm you

let go of me
take me away
from my Sweetness
I've got a sweet tooth
how can i let go
without one more kiss
one more moment to stare into your eyes
one more moment to realize I'm the only one
who's in love
alone I go

I told myself not to trust
but u made me give up everything
The one thing i had to myself
you took away
and now all i can do is taste the sweetness
and forget everything i once knew
i want everything to forget but
i can't take away all the hapiness
to sacrifice the pain


don't give up on me
I'm not lost forever
only deluded
in a world
thats not my own
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